Which Lake Michigan
Beach Town is the Best?

"What's your Favorite Lake Michigan Beach Town?"

That's a question we have been asking amongst our family and friends for years. You see, we are frequent travelers to Michigan's Beach towns.

The "we" I am speaking about is our family. Not just our immediate family, but the extended family as well. We have had many adventures along the lakeshore, and we would like to share them with you . . .

If Lake Michigan is the Midwest's treasure, then these towns are surely its gems: New Buffalo, St. Joseph, South Haven, Saugatuck, Holland, Grand Haven, Ludington. All are pure Midwestern . . . Norman Rockwell, not East Coast nor West Coast, but our coast.

We haven't just visited these towns . . .

We have walked their sidewalks and swum at their beaches.

We have shopped their quaint stores, eaten in their restaurants (the cafes, the joints, and the 5 stars), and played in their parks and on their golf courses.

We have fallen in love with their festivals; Waterfront, Tulip, Blueberry, Coast Guard, just to mention a few.

And don't get us started on the beach bars or nightlife and the variety of ways you can enjoy the lifestyle that comes with being near water.

Lake Michigan Beach Towns have so much to offer . . . sunsets, lighthouses, dunes, and beaches.

And we have stayed in their cottages. Cottage rentals, cabin rentals, condo rentals, whatever you call them, this is the only way to really enjoy Lake Michigan. They are close to everything (beach, shopping, restaurants), and they give you the "whole experience", the one you can only get by really feeling like you are a part of the town. You can only really enjoy yourself when you have a place to relax. Not just a hotel room where everyone knows your business, but a home for the weekend/week/month.

So which is our favorite Lake Michigan beach town after all of our visits?

They each have something to offer, something that makes them special.Each has a quality all its own (you would be amazed at how each town has an extremely unique culture despite being so close to the others).

What's your favorite? We're going to leave the answer to that question to you. In this website, we nominate and state the case for each Lake Michigan beach town as the best and then let you decide. If you've found a favorite Lake Michigan beach town, one that you'd like to make a home away from home, consider purchasing a timeshare vacation property in or near your beloved locale. A vacation property in this beautiful area will secure you and your family with prepaid, week long accommodations on an annual or biennial basis for a fraction of what you might pay to lodge in a hotel. There are hundreds of timeshares for sale in the Lake Michigan area. Find the perfect one for you! But we will help by pointing out our favorite parts of each town. You'll hear from the whole (extended) family.

You can't experience what you don't know. We want to make sure you know as much as possible about these towns, such as:

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